This is what I heard on the radio two hours ago, on the news station:

Now that it’s spring, it’s time to honor yourself with that new kitchen you’ve always wanted.

Um . . . in what weird universe does that make sense?

What does a kitchen remodel have to do with spring or with personal honor? Why would a copywriter (I assume it was written by an ad copywriter) think that would catch people’s attention and make them listen?

Well, it did catch my attention, but not in any fashion that would compel me to call this contractor and hire ’em.

Honor myself, buying your service? Just another trope that has crept into our commercial dialogue, along with “You deserve . . . [insert name of overpriced product, weight loss clinic, or attorney here].”

And if one more person responds to a query with, “That’s a great question!” instead of an answer, I’m liable to slap them. Well, not really, because usually the people who say that are sweet. But I’d really prefer the answer, please; I don’t need validation.

Am I just getting old and crotchety?

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