Ever read articles like this?

“A lack of sleep costs the American economy $411 billion a year… Surf the web at work sometimes? That costs the American people $63 billion a year.”

One study even found that “Americans are willing to pay $177 a year to avoid climate change and save the world. That’s about 75 percent more than what they pay for cable TV.”

Those quotes come from the beginning of a short essay by Eli Cook, published on Zocalo Public Square. It’s about investmentality: our ingrained tendency to put a price tag on everything. We Americans measure it all – behavior, emotions, leisure, art – in dollars and sense. There’s a history to this, going back to 18th century. Our particular strain of capitalism helps form it, and so does the country’s history of slaveholding.

Excellent and thought-provoking read, and not that long.

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