Resolutions used to be fun: a way to jump start some area of my life that was lagging. I have nothing against resolutions. But at age 63, I cannot see a benefit from them either. I think I’ve aged out.

I don’t have anything to prove, nor do I want to start a new project. Keep on keeping on is a pretty good mantra for now, though it’s not really a resolution. There’s honestly nothing that I feel very resolute about.

I hope things get better for our government. I hope America finds its way back to all the uplifting and ethical idealism of the Constitution. I hope we don’t fall into war, and that we turn away from the idea that money equals privilege in this land. Maya Angelou said that we, as a people, are only as strong as our weakest citizens, just as a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Some in power would discard our weakest, and this cannot stand. As policy, it sucks. Ethically, it’s indefensible.

So I guess my resolutions are for us as a whole, not for me. Let’s be better. Let’s not be bought. Let’s not believe that reality stars can solve our problems; let’s face those problems instead. They have pretty deep roots and have been ignored for too long.

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