I’m a freelance writer with a passion for history. Here are some of my projects of the past few years:

  • Copywriting: I can create brochures or white papers for your company. I’ve also written employee training manuals and desktop procedures, though I cannot post them here. Let me know what you need!
  • Books! The Boomer Book of Christmas Memories–full of our favorite kitschy stuff, like aluminum trees and Barbies and Candyland games–came out just before Christmas 2013. Follow the blog.
  • More books! Like my historical novel of ancient Gaul and its druids, ghosts, and heroes, Death Speaker. For now, you can read the first few chapters here.
  • Dozens of articles for Patch.com (here’s one!) and magazines like Boys’ Life, Westways (“Saving the Art of Home Savings“), and Smithsonian’s Air & Space (“He Shot California“). Most articles appear under my real name, Vickey Kalambakal. I shortened it to Kall for the books.
  • Blogging. Under the “My Blogs” tab above, I’ve aggregated my four blogs (on LA History, A Lot of Gaul , Baby Boomer trivia, and Writing). Check it out–especially the “Mosaic Monday” feature, which showcases a mosaic in Los Angeles county each week.
  • Encyclopedias and textbooks. I’ve been published by FactsOnFile, Oxford University Press, and the Gale Group, both online and in print. Along that line, many of the profiles of California’s departments and agencies on Allgov. com were written by moi.

This is also the home of Kalambakal Press, my imprint.

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