Another mass shooting, another horrified blog post? But this time I learned a new phrase: bump stock.

My Senator, Dianne Feinstein, is introducing a bill to outlaw gun bump stocks: those tricksy devices that make a semi-automatic fire continually, like an automatic.

The thing is, she introduced this bill once before, in 2013. My original plan was to list all the Senators that voted it down. But I learned that the first bill never even got a vote.  The strong, presumably Republican opposition kept it from the floor.

Now we have a new bill, and at least 30 Senators are backing it. And of course, a few scumbags are saying, “Now is not the time to discuss gun legislation.”

Seriously? Who paid you to say that?

Had the bill passed in 2013, it might not have stopped the massacre in Las Vegas. But without bump stocks, fewer people would have been shot.

As I understand it, the only reason for a bump stock is to make a semi-automatic firearm fire like an automatic. Bullets spray as long as you hold the trigger down. What legitimate reason is there for a citizen to have that capability? Which is exactly why automatics were outlawed in the 1980s.

This idea that we must, to satisfy the 2nd Amendment, allow any and all guns and accessories to be sold is stupid. Reagan banned automatic weapons; bazookas and rocket launchers are illegal. It’s time to move the bar a bit higher. Maybe a lot higher.

If you want to read more about the fine lines dividing assault rifles, semi-automatic and automatics, here’s a piece from Politifact written after the Pulse Nightclub shooting in Orlando.

UPDATE: Now the NRA wants to examine the bump stock issue. I can take that two ways:

  1. The NRA officers read my post and agreed with me, which I deem unlikely.
  2. The idea of banning bump stocks is so self-obvious that it’s become the bone that will be thrown to us. “There, you got bump stocks banned. Now go away and let us play with our guns.”

Clearly, we should demand more.