So a bunch of formerly secret and top secret documents about the Kennedy assassination have been released, and a bunch more are being held back till next April.

I looked at one of the documents, the third listed on the National Archive site. It shocked me. (I only looked to assure myself that there was nothing to see, after all.) Of course, this morning the documents are not in the same order so I can’t link to the specific multi-page report.

But the first line of this report, which was typed and had a Top Secret stamp crossed out on every page, stated that efforts to assassinate Fidel Castro were developed as early as 1959, along with plans for the Bay of Pigs Invasion. The line was given as historical, background context for the report. Might as well have, “The campaign of Donald Trump started in the waning years of the Obama administration.” It was that cut and dried.

The report went on to state how Castro might be killed. Poison was the number one choice.

I was at work so I didn’t make notes. News organizations have mentioned this revelation too; apparently more than one document referenced these CIA/government plans.

This happened in my lifetime, to a president I observed with childish adulation. To read in black and white that, while I was wishing to be Caroline and live in the White House, the government was plotting the assassination of foreign leaders is upsetting. My government. Dwight D. Eisenhower’s administration, and then Kennedy’s, hatched secret plots to kill presidents of other countries. To me, that’s been conspiracy theorist talk, or the stuff of spy novels – not reality.

Again, it shocked me. I tried to talk about it with an intelligent young woman all of 18 years old yesterday, but I could tell by her face that I might as well have been speaking Greek. This is ancient history to her. Do people her age even couple names like JFK and Oswald, and link them to President John F. Kennedy? Any more than I could’ve identified presidents in the 1920s?

I wonder what a person in Havana thinks. Someone my age, reading these files now. Someone who grew up with a leader they thought would never die now reads that the big ol’ USA, who always hated them anyway, acknowledges that yeah, we had plans to kill your president; just didn’t work out. Now it’s history.

Can’t be endearing.

I guess that people in many countries are shrugging and saying, “Well, what did you expect?”

Truthfully, I expected better. I expected honorable, defensible behavior because my parents and most middle class people were honorable. Not perfect, flawed and blind to their sins, perhaps, but honorable to the extent that they would not support murder plots by their government

Maybe some justify this with a Jack Nicholson “You can’t handle the truth!” rationale: This is what it takes to keep our land safe, so shut up and thank us for doing the dirty work you can’t stomach. That’s ass-backward, imho. There were truth these CIA plotters and presidents could not handle.

Over and over, when secret operations have been carried out by our government against other governments because those in control thought it wise, the results have been embarrassing at best, or filled with unintended consequences that proved worse than any situation that would have developed without our interference.

So I guess the bottom line is that the declassified papers released yesterday were disappointing, but not in the way I expected. .