urlshortIf you are tweeting and posting on Facebook about your book, you probably include a link to Amazon so that people can buy said book. Right? And maybe you even used something like tinyurl or bit.ly to shorten that link.

But–has this ever  happened? You check the link a few weeks down the line, and it doesn’t work. Maybe it takes you to someone else’s site or book, or maybe it goes nowhere. Bad enough that you stumble on that little flaw–but what about your potential customers who wanted to see  your book? How long ago did the link stop working? How many sales did you lose?

One friend, believing her bit.ly or tiny links to be secure, had them printed on her business cards.  Within a week, folks told her the links did work.

I don’t know why this happens. Whatever muse looks over Indie writers must have spurned a techno-nerd satyr, and this is his revenge. Just guessing.

urlgoogleWhat to do about it? Well, I have been assured that Google has the answer. Google came out with  a url shortener years ago, and Google’s is the shortener that my latest advice tells me to use.

For the record, my Boomer Book of Christmas Memories is for sale at Amazon, and the link is http://goo.gl/eHlwXv

Death Speaker: A Novel of Ancient Gaul can be found on Amazon by following this link: http://goo.gl/gtV7VQ

I’ll come back here in a month and test those urls again.  If they don’t work I’ll bitch and moan because that’s what we do when we stumble over a tiny glitch in the amazing technological resources that are offered up for our use for free.